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Reel to reel
Reel to reel
Mikes, Mixers,   Headphones



Otari MX50

Pioneer RT-901

Pioneer RT-909 $900

Teac A-3300  $795

Teac A-3440   $1,199

Teac 80-8 $3,500

Teac VS-88 80-8 Variable speed control

Teac 144 PortaStudio

Technics RS-1500  $2300

Technics RS-1506  $2500

Shure 516 EQ

Shure 556

3M, Mitsubishi, Sony and Studer each introduces a multitrack digital recorder.

Eight Americans killed in ill-fated attempt to rescue hostages held by Iranian militants.

Mt. St. Helens erupted

Ronald Reagan elected - Iranian hostages freed after inauguration

John Lennon shot

First LASIK surgery patent - IBM






Pioneer RT-901

Pioneer RT-909 $900

Teac 144 PortaStudio

Teac A-3300  $795

Teac A-3440  $1,199

Teac 80-8 $3,500

Technics RS-1500  $1450

Technics RS-1506  $1850

Shure 516 EQ

Shure 556

Philips demonstrates the Compact Disc (CD).

Pres. Reagan & James Brady shot

space shuttle Columbia

IBM personal computer

air traffic controllers strike

Sandra Day O'Connor first woman on U.S. Supreme Court.

Bob Marley dies

Harry Chapin dies




Compact Disc

Otari MX5050 BQII  $2,995

Pioneer RT-909 $900

ReVox B77     $2199

Teac A-3300  $795

Teac A-3440   $1,199

Teac 80-8 $3,500

Teac 85-16

Technics RS-1500  $1450

Technics RS-1506  $1850

Technics RS-1520  $1800

Technics RS-1700 $1995

Shure 516 EQ

Teac Model 16

Sony releases the first CD player, the Model CDP-101.

Equal Rights Amendment was defeated

AIDS epidemic

First permanent artificial heart




Akai GX-636 $1,075

Akai GX-77  $795

Otari MX5050 BQII $2,995

Pioneer RT-909 $900

Tandberg 20A $1,300

Teac A-3300  $795

Teac A-3440   $1,199

Tascam 38 & 58

Teac X-3 $595

Technics RS-1500  $1450

Technics RS-1506  $1850

Technics RS-1520  $1800

Technics RS-1700 $1995

Uher SG-631 $1,300

Shure 516 EQ

Fiber optic for telephone

Sally Ride first woman in space

South Korean passenger jet shot down by soviets

Lebanon Marine bombing


Karen Carpenter dies



Otari MX5050 BQI  $2,995

Technics RS-1500  $1450

Technics RS-1506  $1850

Technics RS-1520  $1800

Technics RS-1700 $1995


Apple launches first Mac computer

regional companies took over local telephone service from AT&T

space shuttle Challenger- two astronauts became first humans to fly free of a spacecraft

Agent Orange

Reagan reelected

Marvin Gaye dies





Otari MX5050 BQII


Tascam 388


Philadelphia police bombed MOVE anarchists

TWA jet was seized by terrorists after takeoff from Athens

Live Aid concert

Palestinian hijackers seized Italian cruise ship Achille Lauro

General Electric buys RCA Corp $6.28 bil





Otari MX5050 BQII



first digital consoles

R-DAT recorders are introduced in Japan.

first Martin Luther King Jr. Day observed

space shuttle Challenger exploded 73 seconds after liftoff

Statue of Liberty celebrations

Iran-contra scandal




Otari MX5050 BQII


Tascam MS-16, ATR-80/24


Digidesign markets "Sound Tools," a Macintosh-based digital workstation using DAT as its source and storage medium.

first US trillion-dollar budget

AIDS drug  AZT approved

Immigration amnesty

Iraqi missile killed 37 sailors on the frigate USS Stark

200th anniversary of the U.S. Constitution signing

Wall Street crashed

Reagan and Gorbachev sign pact to dismantle all 1,752 U.S. and 859 Soviet missiles




Fostex 20  $999

Fostex A2  $2450

Otari MX5050 BQII  $2,995

ReVox B77  $1,650

Tascam 22-2  $795

Tascam 32  $1195

Tascam 42B  $1995

Teac X-2000-M  $1495

Teac X-300  $795

Tascam 1/2" 16 track MS-16

Tascam digital 24 track introduced



Dr. Koop says cigarettes addictive

Medicare benefits extended

worst US drought in over 50 years

Missile from U.S. Navy warship Vincennes mistakenly strikes a commercial Iranian airliner, July 3, killing all 290

GH Bush elected

Pan Am Flight 103 Lockerbie, Scotland





Otari MX5050 BQII


ReVox B77  $1,650


Exxon Valdez

Oliver North convicted

rescue of savings and loan industry

Colin Powell chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Pete Rose banned

Hurricane Hugo

earthquake San Francisco Bay area

Manuel Noriega captured

Reel to reel
Reel to reel
Mikes, Mixers,   Headphones




Fostex R8  $2,100

Nagra 4-2,E,T-Audio

Otari MX5050 BQII  $2,995

Otari MX-50 $1,695

ReVox B77  $1,650

Tascam 22-2  $799

Tascam 32  $1199

Tascam 22-2  $1099

Tascam 42-B  $2299

Teac X-300 $799

Tascam MSR-24 $13,999 - 1" 24 track



Dolby proposes a 5-channel surround-sound scheme for home theater systems.

Michael Milkin guilty

Americans With Disabilities Act

Kuwait invaded by Iraq

Clean Air Act strengthened

Stevie Ray Vaughn died




Fostex R8 $2000
Fostex G-16 $8,995


Tascam DA-800/24 (Panasonic & Sony joined with Tascam to develop 24 digital & 2 analog track recorder)


Alesis unveils the ADAT, the first "affordable" digital multitrack recorder.

Apple debuts the "QuickTime" multimedia format.

Ampex introduces 499 mastering tape

Persian Gulf War

Clarence Thomas

Charles Keating





  Fostex R8 $2000  

The Nagra D is introduced as a self-contained battery-operated field recorder using Nagra's own 4-channel 24-bit open-reel format.

TWA bankrupt

Los Angeles riots after 4 white police officer acquitted of beating Rodney King

Hurricane Andrew

Ruby Ridge

Bill Clinton defeats Ross Perot

US troops in Somalia




Mackie unveils the first "affordable" 8-bus analog console.

World Trade Center bombing

Branch Davidian compound

The Great Flood of 1993

33 major U.S. military bases closed

don't ask, don't tell

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Brady Bill

Frank Zappa died



1994 to present


Yamaha unveils the ProMix 01, the first "affordable" digital multitrack console.

North American Free Trade Agreement

Los Angeles earthquake

Whitewater affair

Byron De La Beckwith convicted of Medgar Evers murder

Aldrich Ames charged with spying

baseball players on strike

Kurt Cobain died


Iomega debuts high-capacity "Jaz" and "Zip" drives, useful as removable storage media for hard-disk recording.

Republicans' “Contract With America,”

$20 bil loan to help Mexico

Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing

Atlantis made the first in a series of dockings with Russian space station Mir

Scott O'Grady F-16 shot down

O. J. Simpson found not guilty

Million Man March

55-mile-per-hour speed limit repealed

Dean Martin died

Jerry Garcia died

Selena died


Record labels begin to add multimedia files to new releases, calling them "enhanced CDs."

START II treaty

Cuban jets shot down 2 civilian planes

James and Susan McDougal convicted Whitewater

Atlanta Olympics bombing

Clinton reelected


DVD videodiscs and players are introduced. An audio version with 6-channel surround sound is expected to eventually supplant the CD as the chosen playback medium in the home.

Bombs abortion clinics Tulsa

Madeleine Albright first woman to head State Dept.

Heaven's Gate religious cult found dead

Timothy McVeigh & Terry Nichols convicted

Dow Jones fell 554.26

Ramzi Ahmed Yousef and Eyad Ismoil Yousef convicted in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center

John Denver died


Monica Lewinsky

Theodore Kaczynski, the “Unabomber,” arrested

Clinton announced a budget surplus of $70 billion for fiscal year 1998, the first since 1969

Terrorist bomb U.S. embassies in Kenya, and Tanzania

John Glenn returns to space in shuttle Discovery

tobacco companies in settlement with 46 states

Frank Sinatra died

Tammy Wynette died


Clinton acquitted in impeachment trial

Dr. Jack Kevorkian sentenced to 10-25 years in prison

Matthew Shepard beaten - 2 convicted

Columbine High School

John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in private plane rash

Dusty Springfield died

Reel to reel
Reel to reel
Mikes, Mixers,   Headphones


America Online buys Time Warner

human genome

Elián González

Tiger Woods youngest to win all 4 of golf's majors

USS Cole


George W. Bush beats Gore in contested Fl ballot for president

Concorde Air France crashes at Charles de Gaulle airport


Timothy McVeigh executed

Chandra Levy - Gary Condit

9/11 World Trade Center

U.S. and Britain campaign against Afghan-based terrorist organization al-Qaeda and the country's ruling Taliban militia

anthrax mailings

Taliban surrendered Kabul



Antiballistic Missile Treaty

George Harrison died


Taliban and al-Qaeda fighters captured in Afghanistan were flown to a U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay

Bush - Iran, Iraq, and North Korea part of an “axis of evil”

campaign-finance reform bill

World Trade Center cleanup ends

Pennsylvania coal mine

Richard Reid explosives in shoes

Jimmy Carter - Nobel Peace Prize

Congress gives Bush funding for Iraq war

Washington area sniper

Homeland Security created


Columbia broke apart in space

US Military close to Bagdad

$87.5 bil approved to re-build Iraq infrastructure

Supreme Court upheld an affirmative action program

Southern CA forest fires

U.S. soldiers kill 2 of Saddam Hussein sons

50 million without power OH, Northeast & Canada

Roman Catholic sexual abuse

Saddam Hussein was captured

mad-cow disease

wardrobe malfunction

Concorde has completed its last commercial passenger flight



Tascam 2488 Portastudio    

Martha Stewart convicted

National World War II Memorial

Ronald Reagan died

9/11 Commission Report

Lance Armstrong won Tour de France 6th consecutive year

GW Bush re-elected



Terri Schiavo

Syria withdraws the last of its 14,000 troop military garrison in Lebanon

Apple Computer switches to Intel CPUs

Michael Jackson found not guilty on all 10 counts during his child molestation trial.

Astronomers discover 10th planet

Hurricane Rita

Hurricane Katrina


Pluto is no longer a planet

Egyptian passenger ferry carrying more than 1,400 people, sinks in the Red Sea

Blu-ray Disc format is released in the United States

Warren Buffett donates over US$30 billion to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Mumbai, India commuter train attacks

Fidel Castro temporarily relinquishes power to his brother Raúl before surgery

Liquids and gels are banned from checked and carry-on baggage

Goggle buys YouTube for USD $1.65 billion

Saddam Hussein and 2 of his senior allies are sentenced to death by hanging

PlayStation 3 is released in North America

Wii is released in North America


Nancy Pelosi becomes the first female Speaker of the United States House of Representatives

Apple Inc. introduces the iPhone

Virginia Tech massacre

Live Earth Concerts are held throughout 9 major cities around the world

Minneapolis IH35 bridge collapses



Harmon Int'l    

price of petroleum hits $100 per barrel for the first time

markets around the world plunge amid growing fears of a U.S. recession

Tornados kill 58 in the Southern US

Fidel Castro announces his resignation

Pirates hijack cargo ships off the coast of Somalia

Hurricane Ike

Metrolink train crash LA

Barack Obama is elected the 44th President of the United States

Terrorist attacks in Mumbai




Tascam DP004    

US Airways Flight 1549 lands in the Hudson River, NY

WHO concerned at the spread of influenza from Mexico

Michael Jackson dies in LA

H1N1 influenza




The 2010 Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic magnitude 7.0 Mw earthquake

The February 2010 Chilean earthquake occurred off the coast of the Maule Region of Chile on February 27, 2010

health care overhaul


Toyota speeds out of control

33 miners rescued in Chile

April 20, 2010, the Deepwater Horizon semi-submersible Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit experienced a large explosion and fire



Arab Spring

9.1-magnitude earthquake & Tsunami Northern Japan

Two billion people[21] watch the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London

Barack Obama announces that Osama bin Laden, the founder and leader of the militant group Al-Qaeda, has been killed during an American military operation in Pakistan


Newtown mass shooting

Superstorm Sandy


Barack Obama wins 2nd term election

Lybia & Syria




Boston marathon bombing

Pope Francis

Affordable Care Act


Ebola Outbreak

Malaysia Air disasters

Rise of ISIS

US Cuba relations restored


Robin Williams passing




Paris attacks

Crazy politics

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