Wilcox Gay

reel to reel

tape recorder


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Wilcox Gay Reel To Reel Tape Recorders

Unit in Museum collection




Wilcox Gay Imperial 686




  • Freq Response  kHz
  • Signal to Noise 
  • Speed   7.5 ips
  • Motors 1
  • Reels 7"
  • Timing accuracy %
  • Weight lbs
  • Price $179.97

A reminder that the prices listed are what the item originally sold for in the year it was released.






Wilcox Gay Tape phono



  • Freq Response 
  • Signal to Noise 
  • Speed   3.75 & 7.5 ips
  • Motors 1
  • Reels 5"
  • Timing accuracy  .%
  • Weight lbs
  • Price $98.45



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