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    Interviews and Stories

    Preserving the stories of significant individuals in sound recording generally and magnetic recording specifically is a major project of MOMSR. The Museum’s goal is to document the stories of those persons who contributed significant inventions, manufactured equipment and who engineered and produced audio recordings, especially in the areas of music, broadcast, film/video and science. These interviews will be available on MOMSR’s web site and in the permanent facility when it is created. These interviews have also been made available to the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (Grammy’s).

    I should like to introduce myself as owner as well as the chief designer for the Lyrec PTR-1 in the early eightees. I found this machine unfortunately was too late for the market and I was reluctant to make the design - but anyway a lot of innovative solution were chosen from design start. Just to name a few: 1. Switch mode PS for reel motors. 2. Very high bias frequency with HX. 3. Real current record amplifiers with background from instrumentation amplifiers. 4. Switchable EQ without sep. adjustments. 5. Belt driven capstan for easy substitution of capstan motor. 6. Assembler programmed mProcessor for high speed counting. 7. J-Fet head-preamplifier stage and so on. In particular the SMPS for the reel motors contribute to the small size and weight without sacrifice of wind performance.

    Jørgen Michaelsen

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