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We greatly appreciate all the folks who have donated items to our collection, provided photos and sent wonderful information related to sound recording for us to include on this site and eventually in the permanent public museum.  Thank you!

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September 4, 2014  Comments from folks who support the creation of an Austin recording technology and music museum

Who's supporting the creation of an Austin recording technology and music museum?

Founding Donor - The Metzner Family (Califone/Roberts Recorders/Akai) You should know that despite living on a fixed income and retaining a 1929 economic outlook, my parents contributed a slice of the pie I sent. They appreciate your efforts greatly. My father liked the floor plan too. Esther, Robert & Richard Metzner

Founding Donor - This is a fantastic project, so I just contributed 1k. I would help in any way possible. Please contact me when you can. 
Thanks, Will Harrison Space Rehearsal & Recording Studios

Founding Donor - I am a collector and enthusiast of reel to reel tape recorders as well as other tape recording equipment. The hobby has been very rewarding, and truly a labor of love. Dr. Eric J. Porter, MD., Lima, Ohio

Really feels good to be part of your project. Can't think of a better place for the remnants of Magnecord to reside. Dave Boyers - son of John Boyers , one of the Magnecord, Inc. founders

Congratulations!  This is such an important step.  I am going to share your information with Maureen Droney, Executive Director of  the Producers and Engineers Wing.  I think there may be an opportunity for some joint efforts at some point.  You never know.  Also, the GRAMMY Foundation and the GRAMMY Museum should know about you and I will facilitate that. Christine Albert - Grammy Foundation Chair

this is awesome! is there any way we can help?i love this idea and since we are the space where all public access television and the austin music network were born -- maybe we can work together in some capacity. Linda Litowsky Executive Director, channelAustin

Praying all goes well with your project-it looks like its going to be amazing.
We will keep in touch :) Sandra L. Greaney  -  Magazine Manager/Publisher 
Country Line Magazine  - Museum donor & supporter

The museum's a great idea and I'd love to have something to do with its establishment and continued success. I do see it as part of a larger organization, rather than a free-standing facility, as I feel that would be less of a financial burden on the organization. And I feel it should have a wider scope than just magnetic recording. Music, radio, advertising, science - all these things should come into play under the banner of the Museum of Austin Sound, or something along those lines.Museum of Austin Sound, or something along those lines.  Joel Block - The Production Block

Martin has been diligently pursuing his dream of finding a permanent home for his ever expanding collection - that, since it's currently and primarily housed in his home, is not open to the public. Martin was kind enough to allow me the privilege of visiting him last year and shared his collection and dream with me. I've made a contribution and I hope to find other ways to support his efforts. 
Ed Helvey - long time audio engineer

The pleasure was all mine.  I feel as though I should have paid admission;)  Your collection is fantastic.  I’ve shot a note off to Don Pitts letting him know that I’m excited to hear back from him after he’s met with you.  Please keep us abreast with your conversations with the Bullock Museum. 
 Thank you,Greg, Greg Anderson, Policy Advisor, Office of Mayor Pro Tem Sheryl Cole, City of Austin

Having started in the recording business in Chicago, 1954, almost all of the equipment you discuss I remember very well. Now long retired, we live in Polson, Montana, just west of the Continental Divide. I worked for Bill Putnam in Chicago and Hollywood, Tom Dowd in New York. Then had my own company building custom recording boards. Don't know what I could do from 1800 miles away, but let me know. Bob Bushnell, From Downbeat to Vinyl

I'm happy you folks are pursuing this concept. I have a decent-sized collection of tape machines and commercial, as well as personal, recordings and would consider donating to the museum. Would like to know what you need. I live in Dayton, Ohio, and have been involved with recording since the mid-1950s when I began as a 14-year-old part-timer in AM radio in my hometown in South Georgia. I've used most of the magnetic tape technologies over the years, including some of the early digital stuff (PCM F-1 and DAT), primarily to record choral and orchestral music for private use and public radio broadcast. Kudos for this effort. I am the long-time recording engineer and radio host of the Dayton Philharmonic, Dayton Opera, Bach Society, and Springfield (Ohio) Symphony Orchestra. Lloyd Bryant

Please join these folks in supporting the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording!
Martin Theophilus
MOMSR Board President




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