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MOMSR - documenting reel to reel tape recorder history since 1998


We offer a seven hour video set about our collection and the history of magnetic recording available at this link. You can purchase the seven hours files via download.

Financial donations will go to the Museum’s General Fund to help MOMSR save and restore historical recording devices. Financial donations will also enable MOMSR to provide education about sound recording devices.

At this time, MOMSR does not have the ability to separate financial donations into specific categories.

Non-profit entity dissolved: In December 2017, after five years of working to create a permanent public non-profit museum, the Board decided we'd had given it our best effort and the non-profit was dissolved. Some of the significantly valuable vintage devices that had been donated to the Museum were purchased by the Theophilus permanent collection owners. Other donated items were sold to interested parties and the remaining funds donated to the non-profit "Swan Songs." The non-profit museum ceased to exist on December 31, 2017.

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Tour our collection! 

We offer seven hours of 50 video segments via download about our reel to reel tape recorder and microphone collection and the history of magnetic recording available at this link.

ORDER THE VIDEO FILES ON LINE - was 14.95  NOW only $9.95

There are 50 QuickTime H264 854 X 480 files in this download.  Play on MAC OS or Windows Media Player

While most content deals with the history and manufacturers of the reel to reel tape recorder, or tape deck, we cover many aspects of magnetic recording.

We provide 48 hours during which to download the files. After that the file access will expire.  Once the files are downloaded they are yours to keep.

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