2014 Progress Report - Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording!


We are now into our third year. In 2014 the Museum Board worked to expand the awareness of our efforts to create a permanent public sound technology museum that also included music, broadcasting, film, video and science. Here are some results of those efforts:


1. The Indiegogo project brought in needed funds to support the acquisition of vintage devices. It also resulted in media attention that included a video interview by KXAN's Jim Swift;follow-up interview, also by KXAN. That follow-up was seen by Johnny Goudie who does PodCasts. So Johnny invited Chris and I on to his show. We taped the How Did I Get Here Podcast and it was heard by Will Harrison with Space Studios

. Will and the studio made a significant donation and he is now a member of the MOMSR Board. (Will is not pictured above)


2. MOMSR prepared and continues an on-line survey about the potential for our Museum. You may view the results at this link.


3. The Museum has received a number of significant vintage donations that most recently included Ed Helvey's donation of a Mitsubishi X-80 ProLogic, razor blade editable, 1/4" stereo, PCM digital reel to reel recorder.


4. The MOMSR web site continues to expand. The site has over 230 pages, 36 videos and over 14,500 images. New additions include the inclusion of cassette recorders; expansion of the historical manufacturer list; additions to the documentation archives; and new interviews.


5. The Reel2ReelTexas.com collection has released a new 3 video "Quick Tour" of the 200+ reel tape recorders, 100+ microphones and its extensive documentation library. The videos may be viewed at this link. This collection will eventually become part of the Museum.


6. We field inquiries every day about sound recording and its history. We have been a resource to "Soundbreaking, an 8 part PBS series on the impact of recorded sound and recording technology innovation. Amy Schewel, Archival producer, Soundbreaking said about MOMSR "We are so impressed by the scholarship and passion of your website and it's a wonderful research tool for us on the archival team at Show of Force (the NYC-based film & TV production company producing the series)."


7. We completed four more more MOMSR videos documenting the histories of: Paul StubblebinePhillip van PraagTom Vernon and Eugene Leon Mleczko of ELM Laboratories. All the interviews area available at this link.


What's next?

We are very excited that Tamie Glass, University of Texas School of Architecture professor is making our Museum the project for her Spring 2015 Interior Design class. It will be very helpful for folks to be able to visualize what we hope the Museum will become. Tamie is co-ordinating the design work with Lloyd Cates our Board member and architect who has drawn up initial plans for the museum.


The Museum has received an offer to expand our social media outreach beginning next month.


There are several vintage donations of historical significance coming to the Museum this Spring including: a Rangertone magnetic film recorder; the ELM-1 custom tape recorder mentioned above; a 911 data tracking recording system and several more. These donations are all potentially tax deductible donations, as the Museum is an IRS approved 501(c)3 organization.


What do we need?

In order to succeed, the Museum really needs your help in connecting our Museum with influential persons who can make a difference. This is especially true in the marketing, property development and financial areas. We strive to keep expanding our support base. The Museum needs solid connections with Austin & Texas community leaders in both government and the corporate world.


We also are working to expand our list of "1st Recordings." Please submit your own story, and/or encourage folks you know who have interesting sound recording stories, to add them to our collection!


There is a continuing need for funding to cover shipping of valuable vintage recording devices that are donated, as well as storage space.


We accept device and documentation donations that meet the Museum's guidelines.


 Volunteers with restoration experience on vintage recording devices to bring donated recorders back to life.


Your help in spreading information about MOMSR's goals to crate a permanent public recording technology, music, broadcast, film, video and science museum in Austin.


We are greatly encouraged by the wonderful response from recording folks around the world. It is critical that this significant period of sound recording evolution be preserved. Well welcome all recommendations!


Again, Happy New Year from the Board of the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording!