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1947 Radio Craft recording studio

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Teac Japan

Teac TD-102 was one of the first professional reel to reel tape recoders produced by Teac Japan. This unit is in its original wood shipping box and is dispalyed in the vintage recording collectionTeac Japan Marketing HQ is using some of our photos on their Teac History Facebook page. Japan posted November 28, 2015. Teac Europe and Teac America with Tascam on November 30, 2015 and a continuing series beginning Dec 4, 2015. Part 1Part 2Part 3

Teac Japan Marketing HQ is also considering how they might help us with the Museum.

Joel Tall - EDITall

JoelJoe Tall with Ampex tape recorders who creatd the tape splicer Editall used around the world. Photo of Joe Tall  donated by his daughter, Benita Kaplan to the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording  Tall's daughter, Benita Kaplan has generously donated some of Joel Tall's personal papers and photos to our Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording.

In 1950 Joel Tall filed U.S. Patent #US 2599667A for his Splicing Block. The "splicing block" called the EDITall became essential to sound engineers and was used in studios around the world. Joel Tall was also a well known engineer for CBS. See more in our Stories.

The EdiTall splicer by Joe Tall

Raquel Torres wins $30,000 design scholarship!

Tamie Glass, Assistant Professor, The University of Texas at Austin, School of Architecture had her third year students designing options for our Museum in the Spring 2015 semester. The Daily Texan storyThe final pdf summary of the class’ work is the most downloaded document from our Museum web site. more information  View the museum designs.

Joel Block - The Block House interview

Joel's experience adds another dimension to the Museum's capturing of magnetic audio recording. His experience comes from radio and in the area of commercials, audio books, industrials, jingles and spoken word projects. We believe you will find the information about Joel's dad, Martin Block, to be fascinating as well. MOMSR interview with Joel Block.

New resource page about the life of Oberlin Smith who is credited with the discovery of magnetic sound recording. Page includes an audio interview with researcher Arthur J. Cox.

John In Houston's press release on MOMSR

Tom Vernon releases profile of MOMSR on
The Telos Alliance blog




The Recorder Collection

Most of our vintage recording collection is working and actively connected to sound systems for demonstration.

Phantom Productions, Inc.'s Ampex 200-A on display at the Phantom studioThe first professional reel to reel tape recorder built in the United States in 1947 by Ampex who was backed by Bing Crosby.  The Ampex 200A recorder in our museum's collection originally belonged to Capitol Records. moreStuder Dynavox T-26 reel to reel tape recorder from Willi Studer in the vintage recording collection


Our collection includes one of the original reel tape recorders built by Willi Studer.  It is the Studer Dynavox T-26.  Our museum web site includes histories of many of the reel tape recorder manufacturers.  more

Studer A807 professional reel to reel tape recorder in the Theophilus/MOMSR vintage recording collectioncollectionThe collection also includes the later Studer A807 & Ampex 351

Unique and unusual vintage recording related devices in the museum's collection.  more



Recording History


1920s Webster Chicago microphone #1231 in the Museum of magnetic Sound Recording




picture of R2D2 Replica (complete with sounds.  Teac 80-8 was used to record te sounds of R2Dr and 3CPOin the Star Wars movie

Star Wars recorded on Teac 80-8


Founding Members

the Metzner family
Robert G. Metzner  02/17/17 to 12/21/14

Space Rehearsal and Recording Studios

Dr. Eric J. Porter, MD. - vintage collector

Jon Neiss - Texas Music Magazine

Jim Swift - Austin radio/TV personality

Ed Helvey- Audio Producer & Audio Systems Designer and Integrator

More donors and contributors - comments

We are passionate to preserve the history of recording! Please help us create a permanent facility for the preservation of vintage sound recording devices! MOMSR T-shirts are now available on Sale now $19.95 + s/h! - For each shirt purchased you may receive a $10 tax credit as a donation ($19.95 less the present cost of the shirt).

 You may donate financial support directly by clicking this button and entering the amount you wish to donate.


Media Interviews
preserving sound recording history

MOMSR interview with David Hough, Audio Director for Austin City Limits

Photo of Lisa Fletcher conducting a tour of Arlyn Studios.Photo is still from video shot for the Museum of Magnetic Sound Recording

More interviews

John Boyers one of the original founders of Magnecord in 1949

Magnecord SD-1 video - 1948 WinMedia QT

In Memory

Lester "Rusty" Paul

1941 - 2015

Logo of the Museum of Magnetic Sound recording - preserving recording history

Created in 2012, the Museum was established to provide a permanent public non-profit museum that preserves thehistory of sound recording.

The Museum will include historical/educational displays that trace sound recording tech from the 1800's through acoustic, magnetic and modern digital recording technology. To provide perspective, there will be specific interactive displays to show how sound recording evolved and how it has impacted: broadcasting; education; film, games, music, science and video.  

In addition to displaying and demonstrating recording devices from throughout the history of audio recording, MOMSR will profile significant inventors, manufacturers, engineers, producers and artists who created and benefitted from the technology.  

This is especially important given Austin's being the "Live Music Capitol of the World."  The Museum will have areas that can potentially celebrate the lives of iconic Austin & Texas folks including: Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, George Strait, Dan Rather, Cactus Pryor and others who folks recommend be included.  

The Museum will be internationally inclusive with devices from around the world.  

Our goal is to join with other Austin and Texas collections that will enhance the broad appeal of the Museum.  We envision a world class museum that will become a major destination facility for Austin.  


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